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  • Top-ranked by NIST

DISPL algorithm detects staff members

Visitors tracked by sensors for longer than 2 hours
  • Staff detection
  • Dwell time
  • Mimics
  • Face mask
  • Number of contacts*
  • Average contact time**
* Number of visitors detected in front of a sensor with an employee. ** Average time spent with visitors in front of sensors

Use Cases of employee effectiveness

Promoter effectiveness at a fixed location

  • Presence of staff in front of sensors during 24 hours
  • Number of times when an employee left their area/store
  • Number of people who visited the promo zone
  • Promo zone visitors to customer convertion

QSR employees

  • Average consultation time
  • Traffic and sales conversions
  • Analysis of visitors and employee performance

Optimal staff allocation

  • Data for efficient staff working schedule
  • Traffic engagement during the day
  • Effective allocation of staff between locations
  • Know customer portraits in different stores
  • Help salespeople sell more with targeting
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Employee effectiveness reports

  • Visitors engagement heatmeaps Under development
  • BI system enrichment with Visitor Insights API
  • Create custom reports with metrics that you need

Important limitations

  • Mimics

    Mimic detection is possible only for strongly expressed emotions
  • Conversation

    Presence nearby doesn’t mean engagement in conversation
  • Behavioral analytics

    Operates based on behavioral analytics
  • Faces

    Works only with faces, not with objects

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