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audience MEASURment
Data Monetization
GDPR & CCPA compliant
Top-ranked by NIST
1000+ locations
29 countries

Measure and engage offline shoppers

Demographic and engagement data
Real-time content targeting

Get the most out of sample devices

shopper data collection on sample devices
Visitor to lead conversion. data about device pick-ups
Track and manage all sample devices in one platform
Use on existing screens and sample devices.
No additional equipment is needed to start.
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Visitors insights:
AI detects offline visitors in real-time

17+ Attributes
Customer journey ID
Dwell time
Facial hair
Face mask
GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Built-in analytics and detailed reports

  • Reports by day, week, month and year

  • Conversion from traffic to leads

  • Customer journey analysis

  • API integration

DISPL Visitors Insights
suits all your needs

Make data-driven decisions

  • Audience demographics and emotions

  • Real conversions in offline channels

  • Marketing performance

  • Partner performance

  • Reports by day, week, month and year

Sell more with engaging and targeted content

  • Control promotional content remotely

  • Target different groups with special content

  • Attract attention of shoppers

  • Analyze content efficiency

  • Relocate budgets on best-performing activities

  • Set content cycles and timelines

Measure and increase conversions

  • Customer journey analysis

  • Compare data from different store areas

  • Find best-performing in-store locations

  • Create in-store customer pipelines

  • Track efficiency of umbrella campaigns

Be ready for peak times with traffic heatmaps

  • Find when target audience comes to your stores

  • Manage staff according to traffic data

  • Measure staff efficiency

  • Know customer portraits in different stores

  • Help salespeople sell more with targeting

Manage all your hardware in one platform

  • Remote device management

  • Hardware map

  • Network monitoring

  • Logs of all actions

  • Quickly manage multiple devices with groups

Get additional revenue
by selling data to brands

For retailers only

Av. price per 1000
profiled shoppers




Av. annual additional
revenue with 400% ROI

Run on your hardware or use All-in-one solution

AI-based software
with an annual subscription

Place the DISPL® Fast Start Kit in your cafe (exit zone/checkout zone/etc.) and start seeing real data about your visitors immediately!

Proven Use Cases for Consumer Electronics

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What customers say about us

Consumer electronics retail customers expect more and more from their offline shopping experience. As an owner of electronics retailer, there are many things to consider when a customer walks in. Managing your entire business, especially if you run stores in multiple locations, can be challenging.

Check below case study how to solve major in-store challenges.

How Kotsovolos allowed brands to communicate with customers using personalized messages and provided stores with real-time COVID safety information

With more than 90 physical stores, Kotsovolos is one of the leading electrical and electronics retailer in Greece.


Reinforce Brand Stands in flagship stores

Reinforce Brand Stands in flagship stores

Utilize brand screens at the stands to increase brand recognition, to communicate brands directly to the customer.
Increase COVID safety in the store

Increase COVID safety in the store

Show the real-time quantity of people in the store and check if customers wearing facial masks.
Optimize content management at the screens

Optimize content management at the screens

Decrease the time for setting up the new campaign on the screen. The target time was 5 mins per campaign.


Following solutions were successfully implemented in Kotsovolos flagship stores, fulfilling the goals mentioned above.
Gender targeting
Interactive scenarios
Audience analytics
Mask detection

Gender targeting

Mask detection

Interactive Scenarios


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