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Prestigio Plaza (

Multi-channel solution with audience analytics, interactive digital signage, sample devices for electronics retailer.
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Prestigio Plaza is a Consumer Electronics retail store based in Limassol, Cyprus. It has an online store It specializes in mid and premium brands.

Project description

Our client wanted to upgrade their flagship offline store with digital screens and audience analytics to improve customer experience, make the sales process more interactive and know the exact offline audience.This data should allow the client to optimize the layout and assortment of the store, and increase efficiency of online marketing.

Thankfully, the client's store was located in the same city as our office, so we had the ability to precisely fine tune all aspects of the project and shoot a lot of video content with this case.


Before the project started we have set several goals:

  • Connect all types of digital screens in the store into single network, controlled from one CMS;
  • Set up audience analytics to see detailed demographic portrait and engagement of the offline audience;
  • Test several hypotheses, like content management and analytics on sample devices, and interactive brand modules.

Work process

  • All digital screens were synchronized and content can be controlled through DISPL CMS;
  • We have installed video sensors near all shelf-top screens to analyze visitor engagement with the content;
  • Sales assistants in the store had tablets to track inventory and we used them to set on-site content management. Now during the sales pitch assistant can turn on promotional content for specific brand to increase immersion and make sales process feel more personalized;
  • All sample devices were connected to DISPL platform: content of TV is controlled through a single CMS, iPhones collect audience metrics and track number of device pick-ups;
  • We have also set up two iPads as interactive screens to display online catalog. They also double as video sensors to collect analytics in the background. 
  • Client wanted to test brand modules for the brand of the heaters. So we managed to put demographic targeting and analytics and set up a cross-channel customer journey: the module detects when a customer approaches the screen, shows them targeted content and then provides a promo code and a link to the manufacturer website.
  • In the store there is a cofee-making robot to entertain customers as they wait for consultation. Our client installed a screen powered by DISPl to show promotional content as the coffee is brewed.


We have recorded a short interview with Lefkios Theodosiou, Director of Prestigio Plaza on the results of this project.

Shortly, there are four main outcomes of our solution:

  1. Understanding of the whole sales funnel: now the client knows how online marketing is converting into offline visitors and can set marketing campaigns accordingly.
  2. Detailed socio demographic portrait of the offline visitors.
  3. Efficiency of in-store offline campaigns and understanding of which promotions really engage the audience.
  4. After just one month 44% of the traffic became engaged leads (watched promotions more than 6 seconds) which increased offline sales. And the client now has metrics to track and tools to improve them.

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together

Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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