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Targeted digital signage and content management for leading Greek CE retailer.
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Project description

Kotsovolos, a leader in mixed electrical and electronics retail in Greece, partnered with DISPL to revolutionize their in-store customer experience. The retailer sought to engage customers more effectively, make promotions more targeted, and manage all digital promotional surfaces from a single platform. They also aimed to test the hypothesis of targeting advertisements offline and analyze their offline audience using DISPL's Visitor Insights.


  1. Understand Offline Audience: Gain insights into the demographics and behaviors of in-store visitors.
  2. Targeted Promotions: Implement real-time demographic targeting to cater promotions to the right audience.
  3. Unified Management: Manage all digital promotional surfaces, including brand zone screens and sample devices, from one platform.

Work process

The project commenced with several pilot stores implementing the DISPL solution. The ease of use and successful pilot led to scaling the solution across Kotsovolos' entire store network. Various targeting scenarios were tested, including demographic targeting and specific features like headwear, sunglasses, and facial hair. The solution was also implemented in brand zones, such as the Bang&Olufsen zone. Amidst the pandemic, DISPL helped Kotsovolos implement face mask detection and notifications.


While specific metrics were not measured, the client expressed satisfaction with the platform's user experience and the overall results. The project revealed the importance of strategic screen placement, as initial placements near store entrances negatively affected engagement. Future scaling plans include more strategic placement of screens in specific store zones to maximize impact.

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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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