AI based analytics

Boost your POS system with DISPL High-Value data

Visitor insights: AI detects offline visitors in real-time

17+ Attributes
Customer journey ID
Dwell time
Facial hair
Face mask
Keep control by interactive schedule

Built-in analytics and detailed reports

Keep control by interactive schedule

Make data-driven decisions based on collected data

Calculate marketing ROI
Enrich online targets with data about real visitors
Analyse the effectiveness of personnel
Compare the performance of different subsidiaries

Supercharge your POS:
6 Revenue-Generating Cases

POS Digital Experience

Give your sales assistants the tool they need to maximize every sale

Sales assistants can manage in-store digital content from the checkout area, maximizing upselling and revenue.
Keep control by interactive schedule
Up-sale at POS

Boost Your Sales by 30% with Tailored, Personalized Offers.

Boost upselling by displaying personalized offers to customers at the checkout zone.
monetise your in-store audiences
Customer profiles

Know exactly who buys what and when.

Leverage the power of personalized marketing by offering new items and special deals to customers based on their purchase history.
Keep control by interactive schedule
Digital Signage integration

Use Menu Boards to Increase your sales by 20%

The POS system captures customer data, and the Menu Boards immediately display tailored offers for beverages, appetizers, or desserts.
monetise your in-store audiences
Automatic Age Detection

Make No Underage Sales without Affecting Customer Satisfaction

An AI-powered system detects customer age, eliminating manual ID checks for age-restricted products.
Keep control by interactive schedule
Alerts to POS

Ensure Every Customer is Served on Time

Provide sales staff with notifications when engaged customers are waiting. They'll have customer details and interests, enabling quick and personalized service for a seamless shopping experience.
monetise your in-store audiences
Enhance your POS system's efficiency with DISPL's advanced AI analytics, enabling real-time visitor profiles and personalized, tailored offers. Our platform increases sales by capturing customer data and displaying tailored offers. This GDPR and CCPA compliant offline audience analytics solution respects visitor privacy. DISPL allows you to optimize offline marketing strategies through demographic analysis and track customer engagement metrics. Elevate your sales and customer experience with DISPL's innovative POS analytics solution.
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