Maximize Ad Revenue with Professional Sales Platform

Direct Ad sales and Programmatic on Digital Signage

All in one solution
for all sales strategies

Automated Direct Ad sales

СMS with Fixed/Flexible loops and Private Programmatic

Self-service portal for advertisers

Open Programmatic Sell-Side Platform and Demand-Side Platform

Sell as advertisers want to buy

in Loops

Guaranteed ads from date to date with a dixed price


Cost per 1000
Ad Plays


Cost per 1000

Confirmation of contact with face recognition technology


Cost per 1 targeted contact

Sell more with the DISPL® waterfall algorithm

Direct sales: calendar campaigns in flexible or fixed loops

Sell by Fixed price

Commercial campaigns
in CMS (Trading Desk)

Direct sales: private programmatic with AdPlays, CPM, CPV

Sell by fixed price or use bidding

Open programmatic

Self-service for advertisers + API for external DSPs

Programmatic ad exchange with open auction (OpenRTB)

campaigns in CMS

Timeline based marketing campaigns and fillers


Grow your business with DISPL

# DISPL waterfall algorithm

Use audience- and time-based models for 100% sell-out

  • Fixed or flexible loops

  • Direct & programmatic selling models

  • Performance marketing targets

# Direct Ad Sales automatization

Choose fixed or flexible loop strategy

  • Ad units inside your broadcast

  • Campaign content separation or grouping

  • Classic fixed campaigns in loops

  • Inventory management with profiling

# Performance metrics

Focus on the result

  • Metrics prediction at setup stage

  • Real-time status

# Campaign targeting

Target campaigns to hit the goals

  • Target by location and time

  • Based on historical audience data

  • Based on real-time audience behavior

# Inventory management

Manage your inventory pricing and availability

  • Specify a place on the map

  • Add price for different days and time

  • Add the OTS and audience interests

# Inventory management

Get a clear understanding of free ad spaces

  • Available time based on parameters

  • Convenient device selection

DISPL comparison

with other professional market players
Digital Signage with Ad sales automation
Targeting (Data-Driven Digital Signage)
Time-Based Direct Ads Sales Model
Self-Service Ad Portal on your domain
Audience-Based Direct Ads Sales Model
SSP/DSP with mediation on your side
Visitors Insights
Content View Analytics
DS vendor
Video Analytic
# Self-service portal by your Brand

Run your own
self-service portal for advertisers

  • 100% white labeled by your brand

  • Simple wizard for advertisers

  • API for 3rd-party DSP connections

  • Price and orders control

# Reports and analytics

Get reports for ad sales and audience analysis

  • Status of campaigns

  • Campaigns audience

  • System usage

# Reports and analytics

Provide campaign plan for advertisers before the start

  • Report with information about scheduled campaign before starting

# Reports and analytics

Close the deal by broadcasting report with the result

  • Report with information about campaign status after beginning

# Reports and analytics

Sell conversion in views data as an additional report

  • DISPL detects real views immediately with 98%+ accuracy to understand the real number of contacts

# Reports and analytics

Monetize audience portrait data

  • Demographic information about real views:
    Gender classification up to 90% accuracy.
    Age classification: 3 age groups (child, youth, adult), absolute age (+/- 5 years)

# Reports and analytics

Make A/B testing to detect the most engaging content

  • Be sure you’re playing your advertising content in the right place, at the right time, in front of the perfect audience with dwell-time and audience data comparison

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