Smart Digital Signage
that brings value easily

Manage all types of digital screens and audio from one CMS

How it works?

Create content on your PC or tablet

Use one of 50+ pre-made templates to create a playlist from any web browser

Broadcast on any digital screen

Your playlist will automatically playback on assigned devices

Save 90% time
by using CMS

  • Media on any digital screens
  • In-store background music
  • Dynamic & interactive content on kiosks

Automate advertising with flexible rules

  • At the right day and time
  • By triggers from CRM, POS, etc
  • By audience attributes in front of a screen

Keep control with interactive schedule

  • Dynamic visual charts
  • Zoned timeline
  • Planning system

Manage hardware network

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Configure switching and recovery rules
  • Make planning according to criteria / tags, locations, screen formats, interests

Target a specific audience

  • Play campaign in the time of attention
  • Demographic triggers: age, gender
  • Behavior triggers: dwell-time, mimics

Save budget with no‑code Visual Editor


Make your Digital Signage effective

Visitors Insights
Targeted Digital Signage
content effectiveness Analytics

Sell screen time to advertisers

AutomateD Direct Ad sales
Self-service portal for advertisers

Use any digital screen and in-store audio

POS screens
Backgound music
Digital menu boards
Shelf screens

Compatible with all OS

& Architecture

Download a presentation with architecture and features of our platform

AI Media Player for Easy Start

$688/year *
AI-powered analytics
Place the DISPL Fast Start Kit in your store (exit zone/checkout zone/etc.) and start seeing real data about your visitors immediately!
*Let us know if you have your own equipment.
All you need is a SaaS. Price with an annual subscription.

Digital signage solution for your industry

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ASBIS High-Tech Cluster
Prestigio Plaza (
Dodo Pizza

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DISPL's digital signage software offers an advanced solution for managing and displaying content and audio across all types of digital screens and operating systems, streamlining content creation, media planning and broadcasting, and automation through one user-friendly web-based CMS. The platform offers over 50 pre-made content templates, a no-code template editor, advertising automation services, real-time monitoring, and real-time demographic content targeting. Enhance customer engagement through detailed visitor insights and impression analytics. DISPL Digital Signage supports various devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Tizen for Samsung TV, and WebOS for LG TV.
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