Content management using smartphones for sales associates

Brand zones can use digital signage to provide sales associates with the ability to control and manage content on screens in-store through their smartphones, allowing them to quickly respond to changes in customer behavior and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
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Pain points:

  • Limited control over in-store content: Sales associates may not have the ability to control the content displayed on in-store screens, which can make it difficult for them to respond to changes in customer behavior.

Value Propositions:

  • Improved customer experience: By giving sales associates control over in-store content and the ability to update it in real time, brands can improve the customer experience by providing more relevant and personalized information and promotions.
  • Increased brand value: By using digital signage to support the sales process of complex or expensive goods, brands can increase the emotional value of their brand by providing a more engaging and interactive experience for customers.
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