Save hours with No Code Template Editor

5 minutes from creating content to broadcasting it on screens

Numerous possibilities to create

Unique interactive scenarios

Change content according to triggers like movement, smile, face recognition, client attributes.

Multi-zone templates with Widgets

Use multiple types and sources of content on one screen (media galleries, text fields, web frames, camera/TV tuner output, real-time data updates)

Content for any screen format

Create content for absolutely any devices, formats, resolutions - from synchronized Menu Boards to custom multi-screen projects

Interactive touch scenarios

Create multi-page interactive apps for touch screens that will react on customer involvement
$189/year per platform
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Powerful Visual Editor for Digital Signage

P2P synchronization

Synchronize your content on several screens and manage it from one device to create a WOW effect

Use your designed PSD files

No need for special knowledge to create templates. Just drag and drop a Photoshop file and the designer will make a template with content layers automatically.

Up to 15K resolution content

Create content with any resolution you need from regular displays to giant led walls in malls

Third party data integration

Templates can integrate data from external sources: XML, CRM, RSS. Logs of timeouts, schedule accounting.

Custom effects and animations

Set up multiple effects and animations to make your content more engaging on touch screens.

Lead and feedback collection

Create scenarios for feedback collection and lead generation not to miss a single customer

Compatible with all OS

Use any digital screen and in-store audio

POS screens
Backgound music
Digital menu boards
Shelf screens

Any project you imagine can be created

Check Out 50+ Use

Makes the life of 100+ teams easier

Media Owners
Banks, CORP COMMS, Transportation

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  • Screen Vendors
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  • Kiosks and Vending


  • Digital Signage
  • POS Software
  • Cloud Providers


  • System Integrators
  • Consulting


  • Retail Furniture
  • POS Materials
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DISPL Template Editor (aka Designer) is a powerful no-code content template editor for digital signage and DOOH, allowing users to create and broadcast custom content with specialized scenarios across the whole screen network within minutes. It features various unique capabilities, including interactive touch and sensor-based scenarios, multi-zone templates with widgets, third-party external data integration, and allows creating compatible content for any screen format. This platform is designed to simplify digital content creation, offering a user-friendly interface for drag-and-drop design, high-resolution content support, and integration with various data sources.
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