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HP at Gitex Expo

Expo booth analytics for HP at the largest Tech & Startup event Gitex Global in Dubai
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Project description

DISPL's audience analytics solution was utilized by HP, our hardware partner, at the Gitex Global Tech event in Dubai to gather insights about the visitors and their behavior at the HP booth. Our setup included two distinct screens: one for content display and another for sensor-based analytics. This project provided the HP team with real and complete data, offering an objective and unbiased view of the event.


The aim was to gather comprehensive audience insights for HP, including:

  • Identifying traffic patterns throughout the days and hours.
  • Investigating the conversion rate from traffic to leads.
  • Understanding the demographics of the visitors.
  • Determining the interaction levels with HP's representatives.
  • Assessing the engagement rates in front of the content screen and at the stand.

Work process

  • Installation of a content display screen and a sensor-analytics screen.
  • Real-time tracking of visitors' characteristics and behavior patterns.


Our analytics solution provided HP with valuable data on the exhibition's audience. Key insights included:

  • 15,600 foot traffic.
  • 2,481 leads that communicated or engaged with materials.
  • The busiest days were Tuesday and Wednesday, with the highest traffic between 14:00 and 16:00.
  • On average, visitors approached the stand 1.4 times.
  • The average time spent was 13 seconds in front of the content screen and 4 minutes at the stand.
  • The majority of visitors were aged 30-45 years and predominantly male.

Reflections and future outlook

  • Calculation of lead costs based on detailed conversion metrics.
  • Analyzing conversion rates by day and hour to determine factors influencing lead generation effectiveness, such as the number of presenters at the stand or their fatigue levels throughout the day.
  • Identifying peak hours and days to optimize staffing during high and low traffic times.
  • Understanding the average attention time in front of the content screen and time spent at the stand to create effective content and conversational strategies.
  • Using age and gender data enhances the effectiveness of targeted advertising or deepens knowledge about the decision-makers, which is especially beneficial for new startups with an unknown target market.
  • The analytics screen proved an effective conversation starter, highlighting the potential for using interactive technologies as engagement tools.

We have used this solution for other events in which we participate: Integrated Systems Europe, EuroShop, Shop Talk, World Retail Congress.

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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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