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Real-time emotion targeting for soft drink promotion.
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Project description

Coca-Cola came to our partner, looking for the solution for a promotional campaign. They wanted to use video analytics to create interactive advertisements in the food court. Customers had to smile looking at the digital screen, which triggered to display promo code with a discount on Coca-Cola drinks.


Client was interested in the possibilities of DISPL’s video analytics, namely real-time targeting. Goal of this project was to increase sales while creating positive association with the brand through interaction and positive emotions. The hypothesis was that digital promotions would be more effective than regular printed materials or a plain discount.

Work process

We have provided the necessary solution, which fully met the client's needs and helped in the implementation and setup of the project.

The mechanics of the advertising campaign were as follows:

  • At points of sale (food court order desks), digital screens with a video analytics module were installed;
  • When a potential buyer approached the screen, it prompted them to smile to get a discount;
  • If a person smiled, a special promotional code for a discount was displayed.


The project was successfully completed and launched. Our algorithm quickly detects 17+ non-personal features of people in front of the camera: age, gender, emotion, headwear, glasses, etc. If used for content targeting, specific features can be set to trigger different promotions, which proved to be useful to our client in creating interactive and emotional customer experience. 

Video analytics also helped calculate total views and engagement (time spent looking at the screen). This data gave the client the opportunity to analyze the sales funnel (conversion from the first touch to the sale) and optimize it in accordance with the information received.

DISPL’s video analytics is fully GDPR-compliant as it doesn’t collect any personal data and doesn’t store photos or videos of customers. All data processing is done on the device and even can work offline after everything is set up.

We redefine
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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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