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ASBIS High-Tech Cluster

Three 4K video walls controlled from a single PC using DISPL software.
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ASBIS is Cyprus-based IT hardware and software distributor with headquarters in Limassol. Company owns various brands and partners around the world.

Project description

To accommodate various events for clients, partners and employees ASBIS has set up a special zone at their HQ which is called High-Tech Cluster. It includes a conference hall, company museum and meeting rooms. To make this environment more technological and modern, they wanted to place several video walls that should be connected and controlled from a single platform. 


  • Set up software to control 3 4K screens from one computer;
  • Content on all screens should be synchronized and played simultaneously.

Work process

We have used an Intel-based Windows nettop with an external GPU, that is connected to all screens with DisplayPort cables. Two screens are made of four Full HD panels and one is native 4K. DISPL software pushes 12K stream while also synchronizing content on all panels. If needed, it can be switched to show presentations or videos.

Content is controlled from DISPL CMS, which allows scheduling, using user-made templates and updating media content from external sources (like weather, time, company news, etc.)


DISPL team successfully accomplished client’s request, providing modern and functional solution to show content to large audience.

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together
Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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