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Why Demographic Analytics Solutions Are Important for Business

Understanding your customers is critical to driving sales and providing a seamless shopping experience. Video analytics solutions for retail help you dive deeper into customer preferences, allowing for the creation of effective marketing strategies and tailored product offerings.
Yuri Garmider
Yuri Garmider
Marketing Manager
April 6, 2023

Benefits of Tracking Customer Demographics Through Video Analytics

Demographic data derived from video analytics provide insights into shopper behavior, enabling businesses to target their marketing strategy, improve the shopping experience, and optimize product offerings to cater to specific customer segments. This, in turn, helps drive sales and achieve growth.

For example, demographic video analytics can be used to understand the peak times when men or women visit a specific store. By identifying these patterns, businesses can display tailored content and promotions during the most relevant times, effectively engaging their target audience and increasing sales. This data-driven approach can help retailers and brands optimize their marketing efforts and create a more personalized shopping experience for their customers.

How Demographic Profiles Affect Shopper Behavior

Different demographics have distinct needs, preferences, and shopping habits. Men and women, for instance, often exhibit different behaviors while shopping. Studies have shown that men prefer a straightforward shopping process, whereas women may spend more time comparing products and searching for bargains.

Awareness of these differences, obtained through video analytics, enables store managers to predict customer needs and tailor their services accordingly. 

For example, by setting up DISPL-powered Video Analytics in different areas of a consumer electronics store, retailers can get a heatmap and customer journey map, which tells what demographic groups are interested in what categories of products.

In-Store Gender and Age Recognition Through Video Analytics

DISPL's gender recognition uses state-of-the-art facial recognition AI technology to provide accurate results. This data not only can be used for analytics but also for targeting content on the screens. For example, our client Kotsovolos, the largest electronics retailer in Greece, uses demographic-based targeting to show specific products to men and women.

Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rates

DISPL's video analytics enables businesses not only to count in-store traffic but to use advanced scenarios as well. Using video sensors in the entrance zone, the DISPL algorithm will detect all incoming foot traffic and assign them anonymous Customer ID (using metrics like age, gender, and hair color). Then sensors in the checkout zone will capture everyone close to cashiers and compare it with data from the entrance zone. This way, you can get actual lead-to-sale conversion in an offline store with just a few cameras and a DISPL platform.

Pro Use Cases for Demographic Analytics

One of the specific applications is automated age verification. It is crucial for retailers, especially when selling age-restricted products such as alcohol or tobacco. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while maintaining a seamless customer experience can be challenging. However, demographic analysis solutions, like DISPL, offer an innovative way to address these challenges.

Retailers can efficiently verify customers' ages by using tablets or POS screens equipped with demographic analytics in checkout areas. As customers watch engaging content on the tablet, the built-in sensor detects their age and sends it to the cashier. The cashier then receives a notification if age verification is required, prompting them to check the customer's ID. It is helpful as a reinsurance for the business and a tool for cashiers to fasten their workflow and lessen the probability of their mistakes.


In the competitive retail landscape, businesses must leverage technological solutions like demographic analytics to optimize their operations, attract their desired customer base, and improve product and service delivery. By understanding customer demographics, businesses can create personalized shopping experiences, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and growth.

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