Customer age verification

Use POS-systems or tablets in checkout areas to verify customers’ age. While a customer is watching some engaging content on a tablet in the checkout zone, the data about their age is sent to the cashier to notify that their age should be verified by their ID. It’s optional whether or not to show the customer notifications from their side
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Pain points:

  • Limited ability to monitor cashiers when selling products with age restrictions, which can lead to violations of the law.
  • Time spent checking every person’s ID increases service time and creates longer queues.

Value proposition:

  • Tablets in checkout zones collect data about all people standing Infront of them, so it eliminates the human factor.
  • Service time decreases dramatically without violations or decrease in customer loyalty.
  • All collected analytics can be reused to analyze the audience and customers of the store.
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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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