AI based analytics

Boost Revenue up to 40% with High-Value data

GDPR & CCPA compliant
Top-ranked by NIST
Available without screens

Visitors insights:
AI detects offline visitors in real-time

17+ Attributes
Customer journey ID
Dwell time
Facial hair
Face mask
GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Built-in analytics and detailed reports

  • Reports by day, week, month and year

  • Conversion from traffic to leads

  • Customer journey analysis

  • API integration

DISPL Visitors Insights
suits all your needs

Make data-driven decisions

  • Audience demographics and emotions

  • Real conversions in offline channels

  • Marketing performance

  • Partner performance

  • Reports by day, week, month and year

Sell more with engaging and targeted content

  • Control promotional content remotely

  • Target different groups with special content

  • Attract attention of shoppers

  • Analyze content efficiency

  • Relocate budgets on best-performing activities

  • Set content cycles and timelines

Measure and increase conversions

  • Customer journey analysis

  • Compare data from different store areas

  • Find best-performing in-store locations

  • Create in-store customer pipelines

  • Track efficiency of umbrella campaigns

Be ready for peak times with traffic heatmaps

  • Find when target audience comes to your stores

  • Manage staff according to traffic data

  • Measure staff efficiency

  • Know customer portraits in different stores

  • Help salespeople sell more with targeting

Manage all your hardware in one platform

  • Remote device management

  • Hardware map

  • Network monitoring

  • Logs of all actions

  • Quickly manage multiple devices with groups

Additional data benefits

Shows how employees perform
Helps to detect shoplifters

Make data-driven decisions based on collected data

Calculate marketing ROI
Enrich online targets with data about real visitors
Analyse the effectiveness of personnel
Compare the performance of different subsidiaries

Use screens to show tailored content and improve metrics

The easiest way to start

€49 monthly
AI-powered analytics
Place the DISPL Fast Start Kit in your store (exit zone/checkout zone/etc.) and start seeing real data about your visitors immediately!
*Let us know if you have your own equipment.
All you need is a SaaS. Price with an annual subscription.

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Can I customize a campaign for better targeting?
Can I adjust my trade marketing budgets according to this data?
Do you have an API to match your data with my purchases and stocks?
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