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Content management for video walls and touch screens on shopping gondoals in brand zone.
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Project description

Lancôme is a French perfume and cosmetics brand of L'Oreal. The company came to us with a mission to create an engaging customer experience. The company wanted to increase the effectiveness of offline marketing at every stage of the brand experience:

  • Attract more customers to the store.
  • Keep their attention on the shelves with products.
  • Increase conversion to purchase.

The company also wanted to know more about the offline audience of its store and the effectiveness of offline marketing.


  • Increase the incoming traffic;
  • Increase customer engagement by creating interactive content;
  • Increase conversions to sales;
  • Сollect GDPR-compliant data about the customer's gender and age;
  • Collect data about marketing effectiveness. 

Work process

  • Content synchronization on video walls in a shopping mall to increase visitor numbers;
  • Gondolas with touch screens where equiped with DISPL software for which Lancôme can create interactive scenarios and remotely upload video content;
  • Сonnection of statistics on the number of views and touches;
  • DISPL video analytics installation to determine the gender and age of the customers.


Digital technology in Lancôme cosmetics and perfume stores increased the effectiveness of offline marketing. The video wall increased the number of visitors. The screens on the gondola made it easier for salespeople to capture customers' attention, show them the product benefits and boost sales conversions. 

In addition to increasing sales, Lancôme analyzed the store's offline audience and learned their gender and age, the number of views, and touches. The company can use this data to optimize store layout, personalized marketing campaigns, and enhance customer service. 

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together
Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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