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Multi-channel network for pormotional content, combining digital screens and in-store audio.
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Project description

Incanto is one of the leaders in the Italian market and the global fashion industry. From the first day, the company emphasized trendy design and innovative technologies. The company wanted to use the DISPL platform to shift away from traditional advertising tools and adopt more technological approaches to enhance the effectiveness of its promotional content and establish a more innovative brand image.


The DISPL team came up with the idea to bring digital signage software that connects digital surfaces and background music. This solution should have created an atmosphere of modern but still comfy stores for women with engaging content. 

Work process

We successfully organized broadcasting points and established a centralized management system based on the DISPL platform to manage advertising content on various digital surfaces, including video and audio.


  • The directional sound system improved the quality of audio content, isolating it from external noises and distractions;
  • The sound system can automatically change the playlist according to the set parameters;
  • Dynamic and interactive video formats that captivate visitors and allow customers to explore product details and fashion trends;
  • In-store background music creates an inviting atmosphere;
  • The centralized management system saves 90% of the time and allows the marketing team to focus on their campaigns' more creative and strategic aspects.

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together

Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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