Digital Signage in a Shopping Mall

What Makes Shopping Malls Successful?

In recent years, we have spent more time online than offline. We meet online, work online and shop online. Against the backdrop of this trend, the traffic in shopping centers has fallen sharply; they are less and less a meeting place or a way to have fun on the weekends.
Sasha Volykhina
Sasha Volykhina
Marketing Manager
August 7, 2023

Today, to become an attractive place for visitors again, shopping centers need to compete with online retail. Creating a functional, practical, and efficient space for shopping and a pleasant public space for meetings and pastimes is necessary.

This article will discuss how shopping centers can adapt to new consumer habits using digital signage and audience analytics, become attractive to visitors again, and compete with online retail.

Select tenants effectively

Customer Journey Map made by DISPL algorithm

The main advantage of the shopping center remains the ability to buy several goods in one place. If the buyer finds the goods or services he needs, then the attractiveness of the shopping center increases. Therefore, shopping centers must select a suitable mix of tenants that complement each other. With traffic heatmaps and customer journey maps, malls can collect information about:

  • How visitors move around the mall;
  • What stores do they go to;
  • How much time do you spend in the mall?

Studying consumer habits and needs allows you to choose stores and services that maximize traffic and sales.

Introduce novelty

Visitors Insights dashboard with data from an offline location

Anchor tenants are crucial in attracting traffic, but today's consumers need more novelty, personalization, and entertainment. You can overcome this problem by bringing in small temporary stores, showrooms, or kiosks. To do this, you need to understand the audience of your mall. With DISPL video analytics technology, you can collect GDPR-compliant data on gender, age, mood, and dwell time. Then, using this data, you will divide the audience into several segments. After that, you can create specific areas in the mall that target each part of your audience in places with the highest traffic. GDPR-compliant data about the audience will help increase sales and interest buyers with a new, unique offer.

Link online and offline space

Traffic counting in offline retail

People love online shopping for its convenience, transparency, and speed. Try to create the same conditions offline with people counting by DISPL. For example, show on the site the number of people in the shopping center, the congestion of the shopping center by day and hour, and the number of free parking spaces. New facilities will attract new visitors or increase the loyalty of existing customers.

Engage your customers

Targeted Digital Signage content in a mall

With digital signage, you can forget about spending on print advertising and the long time it takes to replace it. Digital signage will allow you to overcome banner blindness and show not boring static information but captivating dynamic advertisements. With the help of one personal account, you can manage several screens at once and set up an automatic content schedule by day and hour. You can use screen space in many ways: dynamic commercials, branding, or informational content. If you connect video analytics, you can show targeted ads on the screen - the visitor will see relevant content based on his demographic portrait.

Set up easy navigation

Digital navigation powered by DISPL

It can be difficult for visitors to navigate the ample space of a mall, which negatively affects the overall shopping experience and the likelihood of a purchase. A small "you are here" dot on a vast shopping center map does not help you navigate and find the right services.

Install a screen with interactive navigation that will display the location, contain information about stores and services, show reviews and ratings, and special promotions. You will increase customer loyalty and increase sales.

How can DISPL help your business?

With the help of DISPL technologies, you will find out who your audience is and will be able to create an efficient and valuable shopping center space. Summarizing this article, DISPL's solutions for malls include:

  • Collecting GDPR-compliant data about the audience;
  • Customer journey analysis and traffic heatmaps;
  • Monitoring the number of people;
  • Showing engaging and targeted content;
  • Digital navigation.

Let's discuss how we can help you increase your sales and create a better customer experience! Sign up for a demo with our expert here.

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