Introducing DISPL Kit 2.0: The Ultimate Digital Signage and Audience Analytics Solution

DISPL Kit is an all-in-one solution that revolutionizes how offline businesses engage with customers through advanced Audience Analytics and Targeted Digital Signage.
Yuri Garmider
Yuri Garmider
Marketing Manager
June 18, 2024
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With the launch of DISPL Kit 2.0, our users can now benefit from a faster, more reliable, and feature-rich instrument that takes customer interaction to the next level.

Why You Need the Fast Start Kit

The DISPL Kit's primary objective is to enhance customer engagement and drive sales by leveraging data-driven insights. The benefits are numerous:

Audience Analytics

Capture detailed analytics on customer demographics and behavior, including age, gender, dwell time, and in-store journey. Collected data can be used for improving business processes and changing the marketing strategy.

Advanced Content Management

Connect to any screen to show visitors the most engaging and relevant content. Use Real-Time Targeting and Impression Analytics to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Increased Sales

You can influence customer decisions and boost sales by showing relevant and engaging content.

What is Included in DISPL Kit PRO

The DISPL Kit PRO includes all the necessary components to get started with advanced Audience Analytics and Targeted Digital Signage:

Media Player (Data Processor)

The media player acts as the brain of the system, processing data from the sensor and managing content on the connected screen.

Audience Analytics Sensor

This sensor captures non-personalized information about visitors, including demographics and behavior.

License for Content Management

A powerful content management system that allows you to schedule Digital Signage content and remotely manage connected devices.

License for Audience Analytics

Provides insights into visitor behavior, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Advantages of the Second Version

DISPL Kit 2.0 comes with several technical improvements that make it a superior and even more enticing solution:

Faster and More Reliable Face Detection

Enhanced algorithms ensure quick and accurate audience analytics, doubling the face detection speed.

Local Networking for P2P Communication

Devices can now communicate directly with each other, allowing for faster content distribution and audience data synchronization.

Native 4K Video Streaming

Instead of upscaling, DISPL Kit 2.0 supports native 4K streaming, providing a clearer and more engaging visual experience.

Professional Solution with Windows IoT

Leveraging Windows IoT ensures a robust and secure platform without any interruptions and troubles.

How to Quickly Start Using DISPL with the Kit

Setting up the DISPL Kit is a straightforward process that takes no more than 30 minutes. For a detailed step-by-step guide, visit our setup guide.


In summary, DISPL Kit PRO 2.0 offers a comprehensive solution for offline businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement through advanced Audience Analytics and Targeted Digital Signage. With the new features and improvements in version 2.0, you can achieve even better results with minimal setup time.

Ready to transform your customer interactions? Get the DISPL Kit today and start seeing the benefits immediately.

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