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5 amazing ways to use Restaurant Digital Signage

Explore 5 key strategies for using modern digital signage and audience analytics to boost sales and efficiency in restaurants and cafes.
Yuri Garmider
Yuri Garmider
Marketing Manager
June 29, 2023

HoReCa is often considered a traditional industry that can be slow in adopting new technologies. But in our changing world, where everyone has to adapt to stay profitable and successful, leveraging modern digital signage for restaurants and cafes can be an effective way to drive sales and increase profits. 

Businesses need a way to capture and efficiently use customers' attention. Modern and versatile Digital Signage, like DISPL, can provide many suitable use cases, which we will cover in this article. 

Show relevant promotional content

You probably run several promotions at the moment. But what if you knew which one to show every moment based on the audience watching? This can significantly drive sales because your content will always be relevant

For example, you have seasonal drinks on the menu and know that women aged 20 to 35 prefer the ones with a sweet taste while men like less sweet and bitter ones. DISPL can detect the gender, age, or emotion of the person looking at the screen and switch to a targeted campaign that will likely lead to order.

If you don't want to use video analytics and targeting, such promotions can be set to play during specific time periods throughout the day. Say, automatically hide the breakfast menu at 11 AM and show other special offers.

More than just menu boards

Supposedly you have digital menu boards and several other screens at your location. Thanks to P2P synchronization and edge computing (all data processing and content switching happens locally, even without an online connection), DISPL can switch all digital screens with different sizes, operating systems, and even in-store audio to a single promotion for maximum effect.

Increase engagement with interactive content

Utilize Cafe Digital Signage to display captivating videos of your delicious food, live streams from the kitchen, and engaging social media posts featuring your location. DISPL supports integrations with third-party data, like video streams, social media posts, news, weather, etc. And our no-code template editor allows you to design, place and animate all elements according to your needs.

Tablets and POS screens can be used to collect customer feedback, providing valuable insights. All survey data is sent to the DISPL platform and can be used to improve your services. Also, such interaction creates closer customer-to-brand relations and increases the possibility of customers returning to you.

Manage and track everything in one place

There is no need to change your existing hardware or buy new expensive and specialized equipment. DISPL's Digital Signage works on most popular operating systems and devices, from Android and Windows media players to Samsung and LG TV panels and even POS screens. More than that, different devices can seamlessly work and synchronize with each other in one network.

Our platform provides hardware management tools, including remote updates, device maps, real-time screenshots, and more. Your IT department will thank you for that versatility and ease of use!

Know your audience to make data-driven decisions

DISPL's AI-based video analytics captures various non-personal audience metrics such as visitors' gender, age, and emotions, as well as marketing metrics: traffic volume, bounce rate, peak hours, and time heatmaps. It doesn't collect personal data, like facial features, so it is fully GDPR-compliant. This data helps optimize staffing, promotions, and offline and online marketing campaigns based on your real offline audience at each location.

There are endless possibilities to apply video analytics, apart from audience data and demographic targeting. For example, one of our clients uses video analytics to detect the customer's approximate age and shows this data to the cashier to speed up the checkout process for age-restricted products.

How DISPL can help your business grow

Summarizing this article, DISPL's solutions for restaurants, cafes, and fast-food places include:

  • Versatile and functional Digital Signage software for menu boards, digital screens, touch kiosks, and POS screens to show engaging and relevant content.
  • AI-powered audience analytics capturing non-personal demographic metrics and marketing data to improve your promotions and make data-driven decisions.
  • Real-time demographic targeting for offline audiences to show the most relevant content at every moment.
  • Single powerful platform for content and hardware management, data analytics available in your browser in just one click.

Let's discuss how we can help you grow your sales and create the best customer experience! Schedule a demo with our expert here.

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