Digital menu board synchronization

All digital screens can be synchronized together to show unified content such as special offers at any moment. Self-service kiosks in screensaver mode and in-restaurant radio can also be synchronized to create a unique atmosphere and increase the emotional value of the offer.
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This particular content can be shown by triggers:

- Time (for example, show special offers every 15 minutes).

- Data from sensors, including targeting by gender (for example, when more than 3 clients are in front of the sensor or when the client is near the sensor for more than 10 seconds).

Pain points:

  • Limited ability to engage visitors in communication
  • Limited ability to make upsales

Value propositions:

  • Sales increase for special offers/related products by 20%, and for beverages by 40% by increasing the emotional value of the offer
We redefine
communications at points of sales, together
Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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