Corporate TV widget on desktop

Digital signage can be integrated as a Corporate TV widget on employees' laptops, providing them with real-time updates and information on company-wide announcements and updates, without having to leave their work screens. Audience analytics can help monitor the usage of this feature and optimize the strategy accordingly.
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Pain Points:

  • Limited access to company updates: Employees may not have access to real-time company updates and announcements, which can lead to a lack of engagement and understanding of the company's goals and objectives.
  • Inefficiency in communication: Traditional methods of communication, such as email or company-wide meetings, may not be as effective in reaching all employees and may not provide real-time updates.

Value Propositions:

  • Improved employee engagement and communication through real-time updates and company-wide Corporate TV.
  • Increased employee satisfaction by providing them with relevant and timely Corporate TV.
  • Increased data analytics by monitoring the usage of this feature to optimize the Corporate TV strategy accordingly.
  • Improved ROI by reducing the need for dedicated hardware and screens for Corporate TV.
  • Increased employee retention and engagement by providing them with more convenient and streamlined access to company-wide information.
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