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Alerting Sales Consultant for Lead Presence in High-Margin Product Zone with DISPL Integration

Brand zones can use digital signage to create real-time in-store notifications that inform sales associates of new leads in brand zones, allowing them to quickly respond to changes in customer behavior and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
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1. Interested Buyer

2. Sales Consultant

3. DISPL System


1. The interested buyer is present in the store.

2. The sales consultant is logged into the application and is available for assistance.

3. The DISPL system is active and integrated with the sales consultant's application.

4. The high-margin product zone is equipped with Digital Signage which can be customized.

The flow of Events:

1. The interested buyer enters the high-margin product zone within the store.

2. The DISPL system, recognizing the presence of the buyer in the important zone, sends a signal to the sales consultant's application indicating the presence of a lead.

3. The sales consultant receives a notification on their application about the lead.

4. Along with the alert, the application also provides a sales script tailored for the situation.

5. The sales consultant has an option in the application to customize the Digital Signage in the high-margin product zone. This includes customizing both audio and video content.

6. Utilizing the provided sales script and the customizable Digital Signage, the sales consultant engages with the buyer to facilitate the sale.


1. The buyer is successfully engaged and assisted, increasing the likelihood of a sale due to the emotionally added value provided by the customized Digital Signage.

2. The sales consultant is able to react quickly and efficiently to potential leads, enhancing the overall sales process.


1. The lead alert is canceled if the interested buyer leaves the high-margin product zone before the sales consultant can engage.

2. If the Digital Signage customization fails, the sales consultant continues with the provided sales script.

This use case describes an integrated retail environment where technology assists sales, making it more efficient and customer-oriented.

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