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Purpose of the guide

Uncover the power of raw data analytics with DISPL's comprehensive guide. This resource is designed to help you go beyond the basics of audience analytics dashboards and explore the depth of insights that raw data can provide. From understanding customer demographics and behavior to evaluating the effectiveness of in-store advertising and employee interactions, this guide covers the essential aspects of data-driven strategy optimization.

Target audience

This guide is crafted for business owners, marketing professionals, and data analysts who want to gain a deeper understanding of offline audience behavior through advanced data analysis. It is particularly valuable for individuals seeking to refine their marketing strategies, enhance store performance, and achieve a granular understanding of customer interactions and employee efficiency using DISPL's analytics technology.

Key takeaways

  • Gain clarity on the distinction between the easily digestible dashboard visuals and the comprehensive raw data provided by DISPL's sensors.
  • Learn the methods for accessing raw data through self-download, support requests, or API integration, and discover how this data can be used to drive business decisions.
  • Explore how raw data can offer insights into employee performance and store operations, enabling targeted improvements.
  • Understand how to leverage raw data to analyze customer demographics, purchasing patterns, and content engagement, providing a foundation for tailored marketing strategies.
  • Discover how DISPL's custom report service can simplify the process of data analysis, offering personalized insights and strategic recommendations tailored to specific business objectives.

Our guide covers the difference between raw data and the platform dashboard, how to gain insights from it, and ways we can assist with effective interpretation.
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