How much profit will your stores make with retail media by DISPL?

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Understanding Retail Media

Retail media has transformed how stores interact with customers and capitalize on their physical space. Unlike its traditional presence limited to online platforms, retail media has now established a powerful presence in physical stores. This allows retailers to convert their digital signage screens into assets that generate revenue. By displaying advertisements alongside non-commercial content, retailers can create an engaging shopping experience that informs and entertains customers, ultimately boosting sales and attracting advertisers. DISPL offers an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates retail media into your physical locations, maximizing the commercial potential of your digital displays.

Сalculating the financial benefits 

This document provides a detailed financial analysis comparing three in-store marketing solutions: Printed POS Materials (POSm), Traditional Digital Signage, and Retail Media by DISPL. We aim to illustrate how DISPL's solution can increase your annual revenue and return on investment (ROI) by leveraging high-margin advertising content.

Customizable calculations for your specific needs

In the document, you can input your data to see calculations specific to your case:

  • Number of Stores in Chain
  • Daily Traffic per Store
  • Average Transaction Value (ATV)
  • Average Conversion Rate
  • Number of Touchpoints per Store

This will allow you to forecast potential revenue and ROI customized to your operations, providing a clear understanding of the benefits of DISPL's solution. Embrace the future of retail with DISPL's advanced retail media solutions. Download this value case document now to explore detailed financial analyses.

This document provides a detailed financial analysis to illustrate how DISPL's solution can increase your annual revenue and ROI by leveraging high-margin advertising content.
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