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Let everyone in your team work together - separately.

Explore DISPL's updates for efficient team collaboration. Enhance productivity with access management for different teams within one platform.
Alena Ryabova
Alena Ryabova
Product Marketing Manager
June 19, 2023
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When our clients have large teams using our platform, we understand they want to provide various rights to different individuals. It's safe, reliable, and convenient. That's why we've put in great effort and are now ready to present the updates in DISPL. Different divisions, countries, and groups can now work separately within a single DISPL platform.

Let's consider a few scenarios:

Imagine you have several offices in different countries. Naturally, you wouldn't want them to interfere with each other. Each office should only have visibility of their respective devices and campaigns without the rights to edit or view their colleagues' work. Or you want them to view but not edit - that's also possible!

Another scenario is suitable for every company. You have multiple teams: marketing, support, sales, IT, analytics, and more. Your marketing team is responsible for creating content for your digital screens, your IT team handles device management and platform control, and your analytics team requires audience reports and raw data from Visitors Insights.

Now, all these teams can work together without the possibility of accidentally deleting or editing something. Provide your marketing team access to the campaigns and your analytics team access to the analytics, and restrict access to the device section for them entirely.

With DISPL, you can manage access how you want and need it. You can choose who will have access to campaigns, content, templates, and devices and specify the type of access: view-only, editing, or full-access with the right to delete.

The entire DISPL team works diligently every day to ensure our platform is comfortable, convenient, and valuable for the clients. So, you can use our product and run effective offline marketing campaigns. Let's achieve great things together!

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