Improve Customer Experience Using External Data & Digital Signage

External data for the best customer experience: Top 8 ideas

Best ways to combine third-party data and digital signage for a hassle-free customer experience.
October 20, 2022

Why should you care about customer experience?

The digital transformation of many offline industries is happening rapidly, though many businesses still underuse the power of data when it comes to customer experience (CX). But first, why on earth should you care so much about CX? These numbers are pretty convincing: according to a study, 90% of customers will leave after a poor experience; a third of consumers would leave for good after just a single flop, according to PwC. 

However, wise usage of external data on digital screens can improve CX at the Point of Sale or Point of Wait.

Things that really matter to customers

It is crucial to figure out customers’ basic expectations of your business before you change anything. Many speak about immersive experiences, high tech embraced by retail and other physical locations, and the importance of the “wow” effect. Your guess?

Although these things are important at some stages, they are easily beaten by more mundane factors. Meet the Most Valued Things triad (for approximately 80% of consumers) for a positive experience:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Knowledgeable and friendly service.

So, before you start to surprise people with cutting-edge tech, make sure you’ve covered the basics.  Let’s see what you can do right now to prevent customers from abandoning you.

Transform your retail outlet

1. Dynamic prices

There is almost nothing as frustrating as a price mismatch discovered at checkout. Arguments, conflicts, loss of trust… All these negative consequences can be eliminated if you install automatically updated electronic shelf labels.

You can easily set up the integration with your pricing database with the Displayforce Template editor. Register a platform now to try it for free.

2. Price checkers

Alternatively, you can consider installing small convenient price-checkers throughout the store. Use this touchpoint wisely! When your price checker displays accurate data, play the personalization card. Broadcast useful information like recipes, advise the best match to the product that is being checked, ask to log in to the loyalty system for special offers. By the way, in this article, you can learn more about loyalty system integration and other advanced scenarios.

3. Product availability

You might consider installing self-checkout or self-service kiosks to prevent queues. In this case, it is crucial to provide not just up-to-date prices, but always keep product availability updated.

4. Modernize the checkout counter

With a small digital display or a tablet in the checkout area, you can display an itemized purchase, with discount amounts shown to highlight the total savings.

5. Extra level of comfort

Outstanding CX is all about convenience. So with the right digital signage solution, you can not only broadcast basic info, but you can also offer extra service. For example, you can show weather and public transport connections, and even integrate with taxi services.

Non-retail experience

External data is also extremely handy when it comes to a non-retail business.

  1. Connect to an RSS feed to display news at any Point of Wait, like in a bank or governmental institution, to improve the queueing experience;
  2. Broadcast actual currency rates. This is crucial for any banking institution, and also could be useful for hotels and transportation areas.
  3. Connecting to weather and vehicle routing data could revolutionize the waiting experience at smart bus stops. Combine useful information with commercial content and this could turn into profits. 

So, it goes without question that a perfect customer experience always pays back and that’s why it’s worth investing in. 

Contact us to find out how third-party data can transform your business.

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