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How to Maximize Sales With Tailored Digital Signage Content

Learn how to tailor your digital signage content and marketing strategy to the preferences of your target customers based on their age groups
Sasha Volykhina
Sasha Volykhina
Marketing Manager
October 18, 2023

Understanding Generational Content Preferences

In today's diverse marketplace, understanding generational content preferences is crucial for businesses looking to connect with their target audience and boost sales. Each generation interacts with products, advertising, and content differently. Let's delve into practical recommendations for harnessing these preferences for effective content strategies.

Baby Boomers (59-77 years) 

Baby Boomers tend to be more responsive to photo content that showcases product details. They prefer informative content that aids their decision-making process. They are not prone to spontaneous purchases, so it is necessary to convey the product's rational rather than emotional values. 

Summarizing, offer simple product descriptions and clear pricing to facilitate their decision-making process. In your content, focus on price and quality, be concise and more humane, and don't overload information.

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Generation X (43-58 years) 

Generation X values video and photo content but are sensitive to visually appealing content. They like short, engaging video clips or visually striking images that showcase the product's value. 

In content for this audience, it is essential to focus on promotions and guarantees; since this generation is more challenging to decide on purchases, they need incentives in the form of savings or insurance. 

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Millennials (27-42 years) 

Millennials are drawn to video content that tells a brand story, focuses on causes, and personalizes their experience. They prefer authentic, relatable content. Craft video content that shares your brand's journey and commitment to a social cause, such as sustainability. 

Focus on emotional content and talk more about the pleasure of the purchase than practicality. To be convincing, use real reviews from other people or involve influencers.

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Generation Z (up to 26 years) 

Gen Z thrives on visual content, especially user-generated content and short video clips. They appreciate diversity and authenticity. Encourage customers to share real, unfiltered photos of themselves using your products to create an authentic connection. 

Create visually appealing and engaging content that features real people interacting with your products.

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Practical Recommendations to Boost Sales

Visual Content Strategy

Tailor your visual content based on the preferred content format of each generation. Invest in high-quality images, short video clips, or longer storytelling videos as per your target audience.

Discounts and Deals

Emphasize discounts and promotions in marketing materials for Gen X, who are more likely to respond to these incentives.

Authenticity and Personalization

Incorporate authenticity and personalization into your content, mainly when targeting Millennials and Gen Z. Share your brand's values and commitment to social causes.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Ensure your content reflects diversity and inclusivity to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials. Showcasing a range of perspectives and voices can create a genuine connection.

How can DISPL help your business?

Real-time demographic targeting

Use audience analytics to understand customers' demographics and tailor digital signage content to specific demographic groups. Content relevance has a positive impact on engagement, loyalty, and sales. 

Audience analytics 

Collect data about the audience demographics and adjust your in-store content to the average age. For example, you can find out that older audiences visit your store in the early hours and show relevant content. This is a simpler solution than targeted content, so it is less precise.


By aligning your marketing strategies with the distinct content preferences of different generations, your business can create more effective, targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience. It's about recognizing the nuances in how each generation interacts with products, advertising, and content to drive increased sales and customer engagement.

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