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How to choose a Digital Signage vendor: checklist

These days, more and more businesses are going digital. An essential element to achieving the digital transformation of any business is Digital Signage - Digital-out-of Home industry is showing constant growth. To stay in line with modern trends and beat competitors, it's vital to choose a solution that would fulfill your needs. We've prepared this checklist for anyone, who's going to implement Digital Signage solutions, to help make the right choice among tons of offers on the market.
October 10, 2021

If you are new to the game and don't know where to start, make sure that your prospective DS ware has basic functionality. Basic functionality lets you operate freely and without feeling limited while bringing your ideas to life.


User-friendly CMS (schedule, design, manage)

With a perfect CMS, it is easy to create advertisement content including music, pictures, and videos, and schedule broadcasting. Ideally, it provides templates that you can tailor for your needs.

Scalable network support

It's useful to consider the scale and load of your network: DSware should be able to cope with high-loaded networks and support any size of the network in case you will increase your presence.

Device compatibility

The most popular device for Digital signage today is the LED display. However, you might want to use something unusual to catch engagement, so choose the DSware which supports any type of device: LED screen, video wall, customer-facing display, tablets, interactive kiosks.

Compatibility with any OS

With a perfect CMS, it is easy to create advertisement content including music, pictures, and videos, and schedule broadcasting. Ideally, it provides templates that you can tailor for your needs.

Digital Signage CMS "Displayforce"


However, to stand out in front of multiple competitors and grab the attention of a customer, the classical set of features is not enough.

Businesses require not just the basic DSware, but an All-in-One, or a turn-key solution, if you will.

So, what does it mean?

It means, that you can offer your customers not a classic tool, but a tool having extra features to make offline marketing digitalized. Ubiquitous digitization is a trend now, and having such a service is important to stay relevant.

If you look for such a holistic solution, it should support targeted advertisement, based on the audience that sees it.

If you want to find a vendor for that type of solution, look for the following features:

  • video analytics;
  • face recognition;
  • trigger-based advertisement;
  • network control;
  • statistics and reports.
Digital Signage involvement report

The icing on the cake

If the ad campaigns are already smart enough and easy to launch, so they remind online advertisements, what else to wish for?

It is an option to really make performance marketing happen offline, with all its perks.

If your goal is to stand out and maximize your profits. Look for a solution, which allows programmatic.

The following features are required:

  • single dashboard to manage various selling options (direct sales and auction sales);
  • various paying models (CPM, CPV paying models);
  • flexible media planning;
  • hardware at their disposal: there are vendors proving truly all-in-one solutions from feature rich CMS, AI, to players: working with such a partner will save your time and settle nerves.
Intel partner "Gold IoT Solution"

At Displayforce we are proud to be the Golden partners of Intel, so we can guarantee you the smoothest performance possible.

Intel CPUs have proved to be as a reliable, stable, productive solution with fairly predictable heat dissipation and power consumption.

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P.S. Apart from all the technical features, bear in mind how easy it is to work with a particular vendor. Customer care is essential if you are in search of a partner to make your life easier.