2000 smart screens will be connected to the displayforce.ai platform

More than 2,000 Finnish and Swedish smart screens will be connected to the displayforce.ai platform

The project starts as part of a cooperation between Displayforce and Bluebell Digital.
October 28, 2022

Displayforce, the AI-powered DooH performance marketing automatization platform, signed a partnership agreement with one of the most experienced suppliers in the DOOH industry in Finland and Sweden, Bluebell Digital company.

“Our solution is in high demand in different sectors, because it covers the basic needs of the DOOH market players. Our content and device management system is stable and multifunctional. Besides, solution providers get the opportunity to automate the processes of advertising campaigns placement (Direct Ads Sales & Programmatic Ads mediation)”
Serge Gale, CEO and co-founder of Displayforce

The Displayforce platform connects to screens in public places, and then, in real time, analyzes the audience: it can determine the gender, age, and emotions of visitors. Most of the parameters are defined even if the people are wearing a mask. Based on this data, artificial intelligence allows users to get different marketing metrics: Cost-per-Mile (For Audience-based campaigns, OTS) and Cost-per-view (Guaranteed Views-based campaigns by fully-integrated face detection algorithms). And for special targeted marketing campaigns artificial intelligence allows marketers to instantly set up advertising campaigns and choose which offers to show visitors.

“We heard about Displayforce from AOPEN – a huge digital signage player hardware manufacturer. We will start with different Displayforce products like complete CMS including  DSP and SSP. We have great potential, but we need to do a lot of work to push forward. The DOOH industry is still young and we believe it will grow in the next two years, which is the reason we have decided to focus on this.”
Daniel Ceker, senior consultant of Bluebell Digital

The technology is designed to make content more personalized – suitable for the audience it is intended for. Displayforce platform is fully GDPR (and CCPA) compliant. Within five years, more than two thousand screens in Finland and Sweden, located in retail, shopping centers, universities, airports and other crowded places, can be connected to the Displayforce platform.

Displayforce.ai, a Cyprus-based startup, was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands. Displayforce is an AI-powered in-store performance marketing automatization tool. As advocates of Retail Media, Displayforce’s solution makes it possible to measure and engage shoppers, personalize marketing communication offline, and generate new revenue through programmatic advertising. Over three years, Displayforce.ai has connected more than 42,000 touchpoints for 200 medium and large customers with 10+M daily audience. Dixons (Kotsovolos), Metro, Shell, Intel, and Microsoft are among Displayforce’s clients and partners. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Bluebell Digital was founded in 2004 as a Project Management, Software Design & Development and Hardware Consulting company for the Digital Signage industry.

Bluebell Digital has experience of over 16 years in Digital Signage, Software Design & Development and Hardware Development, Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Project Management, Technical Support and Maintenance Services.

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