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DISPL is proud to launch DISPL Academy, our new educational project designed to help you get value out of our solution as quickly and simply as possible!
July 2, 2024
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At DISPL, we understand businesses' challenges when adopting new technology, from integration and training hurdles to implementation complexity and ROI uncertainty. To address these concerns, we are proud to launch DISPL Academy.

What is DISPL Academy?

DISPL Academy is an educational platform designed to help you quickly and effortlessly unlock the full potential of our solution through short, engaging videos with theory, practical lessons, and quizzes.

Key Features

Online Courses & App Access

Learn anytime, anywhere. Available on our website and as a downloadable application, DISPL Academy is accessible anytime, anywhere, allowing for a truly flexible learning experience.

From Basic to Advanced

We have an introductory module that covers basic information about our product, and we also have advanced modules for each solution with practical lessons and tests.

DISPL Academy lesson

Theory & Practice

The theory lessons at DISPL Academy are designed to help clients, including marketing directors, understand the full potential of our solutions. The practical lessons provide step-by-step guides for specific tasks for content managers and other roles, such as uploading and automating content.

DISPL Academy lesson

Interactive Learning

Short and engaging videos, text, quizzes—everything to keep you entertained and make learning as easy as possible.

DISPL Academy Quiz

Self-paced Learning

Learn at your own pace, on your schedule, without the need to depend on meetings or appointments. You can quickly return to the lesson you need to refresh your knowledge. When you have new employees, you don't have to spend time training them; give them access to our platform.

Module Breakdown

DISPL Academy consists of several modules, including an introductory module that provides a comprehensive overview of our solutions. Additionally, dedicated modules for each of our offerings—Measure, Engage, and Monetize—enable users to delve deeper into specific areas of interest. Each module consists of theory-based content, practical lessons, and self-test quizzes.

Welcome Module

Our introductory module provides a complete overview of DISPL in just two hours. It is perfect for new users looking to establish a solid foundation quickly.

Engage Module

How can an offline audience be engaged? This module offers an in-depth look at the "Engage" solution for content management on all digital surfaces. Learn how to build a professional digital signage network and make digital screens an effective marketing channel, creating a WOW digital effect.

Measure Module

How to measure an offline audience? This module provides an in-depth look at a "Measure" solution aimed at measuring and analyzing offline audiences. Discover how to know your offline audience, where to get data to make data-driven decisions, and how to sell more offline.

Monetize Module

How to monetize a media network? This module explores our solutions for DOOH monetization. Learn how to make extra revenue on existing screens, build a DOOH network, and use SSP/DSP effectively.

Future of DISPL Academy

Upcoming Courses for Partners 

We constantly evolve and will soon add special courses tailored specifically for our partners. These courses will delve deeper into advanced topics about sales, support and marketing to help partners faster adapt on the market and start selling the product.


Our main goal is to provide all customers with perfect service with the help of our partners. That's why all our partners who pass the DISPL Academy will soon receive a certificate according to their levels. This certification will ensure that partners can deliver high-quality services to their clients, thus strengthening client loyalty and trust in our partners.

Partner Certificate

How to Access

Access DISPL Academy via our website or download the app from the App Store. Embark on your learning journey with DISPL Academy and unlock the full potential of DISPL solutions today!

How to understand advanced audience metrics?

With practical examples and applications, the guide demonstrates how to use the insights obtained from these metrics to improve business strategies effectively.

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