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50+ ways to use Digital Signage in all spheres

Digital signage use cases have become much more interesting and engaging than showing just regular advertising pictures or videos, but most of these use cases are not that obvious. In our use cases marketplace, we’re striving to feature all the possible ways to use digital signage in every industry.
Alena Ryabova
Alena Ryabova
Product Marketing Manager
February 7, 2023

While talking to our prospects and customers, we are often asked questions like, “What can I do at my retail store/office/gas station/etc. with digital signage?”, “Do I need to have screens and how many?”, and “What content should I show on the screens?” We decided to answer these questions in detail. That’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of a new section on the Displayforce website called Marketplace! 

The Use Cases Marketplace is a set of use cases laid out for as many industries and categories as possible. This catalogue was designed for our prospects, customers, and team members to see all possible ways to use digital signage according to the pain points they’re facing at the moment, and the hardware they have available.

Choose the industry you’re working in, see different ways to use digital signage, and understand what you need most at the moment. In every card, you will find a gallery with examples of content you can broadcast, pain points that the use case is made to solve, and value propositions that the solution can deliver. Plus, you will see what hardware you need in order to implement each case in your business. 

Right now there are about 50 use cases in our Marketplace, but we will enrich it with more and more every week, because we have implemented thousands of cases for different clients over the 10 years we’ve been in business. 

You are welcome to take a look at the Marketplace and find the case that’s most interesting to you. Our team will be happy to help you implement it!

If you have some cases on your mind that you don’t see in the Marketplace, please feel free to share them with us! :)

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