Unlock additional revenue
from partner agencies and DSPs

Run your own branded self-service portal (SSP/DSP)

Fast way to provide
self-service to agencies or brands


Easily customizable

Run Ads on screens easy

Advertisers choose pricing model

Ad plays
Number of shows

You want to achieve the number of ad plays by the broadcast without audience information.

Broadcasting points without cameras, without audience data or for audio marketing.

Number of impressions

You want to reach your target audience. Broadcasting goes in cycles based on the audience historical data.

Suitable for large screens and other massive installations or for audio marketing.

Number of guaranteed views

You want to achieve the number of guaranteed views of the target audience.

Suitable for broadcast points with cameras.

GEO targeting
Town, country
Touchpoint type
Day and time
Tags or venues
Supermarket, pharmacy, clinic, etc.
Audience attributes
Gender, age
Frequency of impressions at the selected time

Mix Self-service, DSPs
and Direct sales

Self-service portal for advertisers

Open Programmatic Sell-Side Platform and Demand-Side Platform

Automated Direct Ad sales

СMS with Fixed/Flexible loops and Private Programmatic

Just activate
DISPL Ads extension in CMS

Easy, fast
and transparent

  • Buying Digital out-of-Home inventory is easy, fast and efficient. Go from campaign creation to live on-screen within minutes

Agencies and
DSPs management

  • Media networks access management: forbid or open access to a specific inventory with specific prices

Sell-Side platform with pricing control

  • Don't connect third-party DSPs directly to your screens. Keep the content and costs under your own control. Now you have your own SSP platform for monetization management.

Moderation of advertising from agencies and third-party DSPs

  • You can moderate the promotional materials in your SSP platform. You can reject the content or start its broadcasting by clicking “Accept” if you want

All data unpersonalized and GDPR compliant

  • Historical data from publishers

    For audience prediction we take data from people counters and POS-terminals.

  • GEO data from 3rd party suppliers

    We supplement the platform with data about audience interests obtained by our partners using the GPS data collection tool.

  • Non-personalized audience recognition

    We collect and enrich customer data with the help of own depersonalized audience analytics algorithm.

All data unpersonalized and GDPR compliant

  • Ad Plays

    Number of ad plays. Fact for this moment.

  • Budget

    The total budget for the current model and the actual expenses for today.

  • Impressions

    OTS — opportunity to see (impressions) based
on historical or entered data about screens profiling, targeting rules, timings, and campaign schedule. Forecast and fact for this moment.

Provide API to 3rd-party programmatic buyers and DSPs

  • Bring additional demand to your media network – take weight off from your campaign management and sales teams.

  • Your network can now watch International demand come in and be part of the programmatic progression.

DISPL comparison

with other professional market players
Digital Signage with Ad sales automation
Targeting (Data-Driven Digital Signage)
Time-Based Direct Ads Sales Model
Self-Service Ad Portal on your domain
Audience-Based Direct Ads Sales Model
SSP/DSP with mediation on your side
Visitors Insights
Content View Analytics
DS vendor
Video Analytic

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