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Time Heatmaps, P2P Synchronization, and DISPL Kit Improvements

July 10, 2023

Be ready for peak times with Heatmaps

Another great improvement for our Visitors Insights section is Heatmaps. These graphs for all traffic, leads (engaged traffic) and bounced (not-engaged traffic) show you at what day and time a week you have the biggest number of each traffic. Heatmaps also show the dynamic of each type of traffic and gender and age division. 

Use heatmaps to see when you need to bring more salespeople in and when you need to have all possible assortment positions. Look at correlations with your sales by time to understand when you’re losing customers or doing great!

Faster content download and 70% traffic savings

When there are limits on the amount of traffic for Internet connection, it may take more time for content to get loaded on players. Our clients can’t wait! That’s why now when you create a new campaign, content will be loaded on players using P2P technology. P2P technology gives us an opportunity to download content on all players faster and save Internet traffic. 

This technology is mostly added for clients with several stores/subsidiaries. For example, if there are several stores with 10 players each, then with P2P technology, only 2 players will download content and then distribute it to the rest. 

DISPL Kit improvements 

Today there is a reason to remind you about our DISPL Fast Start Kit - a box that can be used with or without screens to collect insightful data about visitors and show content (with screens only, of course). 

These devices are a universal industrial solution that can turn on and off according to a schedule, they are stable and easy to use. But now they are also easy to connect!

Now after you plug your DISPL Kit into the socket, our Wizard will guide you through the process of installation. You won’t have to insert your Wi-Fi credentials - we’ll send you a QR code. You can open it on your phone, bring it to the sensor included in DISPL Kit, and that’s it - the system will configure everything by itself.

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