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RTSP Protocol for IP Camera, QR Device Registration, More Visuals Graphs and more

March 12, 2024

RTSP: Progress in IP camera functionality!

We continue to develop our product to be used with IP (security) cameras to save your budget on extra sensors! This month, we are proud to share that we've added support for the RTSP protocol for CCTV.

Now, you can collect audience analytics using our sensors or IP cameras with MJPEG and RTSP protocols. It's 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant!

Let us know if you have a project involving security cameras; our tech team will be happy to jump in!

Effortless device registration, no keyboard!

We understand that adding devices using codes was only sometimes convenient, as it required a keyboard to input these numbers. But now, that's a thing of the past!

You can now connect new devices to your platform using a QR code. Save the QR code and send it via messenger. Then, when you're near the device, use your mobile phone to show the QR code to the sensor. It's that easy!

But that's not all! You can now also connect WiFi to the device using the QR code. Enter WiFi credentials while creating the device, and the generated QR code will connect the device to the platform and WiFi simultaneously.

To add a new device, go to your platfrom -> Devices -> Add Device -> Get QR Code

Screen from the platform about QR registration

Graphs are now more visually attractive!

We've enhanced our graphs to provide greater detail. Now, the data on monthly graphs is spread by day and quarterly by week. We've made it to ensure you see all peaks and never miss a single insight!

Audience visitors graph from the platform

See updated graphs in your analytics on DISPL platform.

Updated DISPL player

DISPL Player version 5.20 is available with significant improvements. Please, update your existing players.

Vertical video playback

We changed the codecs, now vertical full hd videos are displayed smoothly while playing on DISPL Box.

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