Recent Updates

New Dashboard, DISPL Visitor Insights on MacOS, Extended Public API and 7-days grace period

May 20, 2024

New Dashboard

We’ve totally redesigned the dashboard - the first screen that welcomes you every time you visit your platform, and it has become super informative and very nicely looking. Check it out on your platform.

What’s there?

⚡️ For newcomers: Onboarding tips to help you start collecting insights and showing content  

Follow our instructions, and you’ll never be lost! For more details, visit our Help Center.  

⚡️ For everyday users: the most important information at your fingertips 

You don’t need to go throught all the sections to check how your platform works - do it from your new Dashboard. Check your campaigns, monitor your devices, and see current week insights. And yes, your subscriptions are also here! 

DISPL Visitor Insights is now on MacOS

We've added a DISPL Player for Mac users. Now you can test DISPL Kits or showcase how DISPL works to your clients on your Mac.

Now we can proudly say that DISPL Visitor Insights is available on almost all OS.

Extended Public API

A couple of months ago, we introduced our API, allowing the integration of DISPL audience analytics data into external BI systems. We have now enhanced our API to include device and campaign data. As a result, you can integrate DISPL with your monitoring system, enabling your support team to track device statuses alongside other devices. Contact us to receive our API for your tasks.

7-days grace period

Don't worry - data collection is under control! If we couldn't charge you for the subscription for some reason and it was canceled, data collection will still work for seven more days. You won't lose a single insight!

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