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Mini dashboards, more advertising options on one screen and a better visibility for longer device names

June 16, 2022

Mini dashboards displaying real-time advertising campaign indicators

Now you can monitor and control key campaign metrics in real time, and there is no need to download reports! A mini dashboard containing interactive tips shows key campaign metrics such as Duration, Views, Audience, Budget and even more. The displayed metrics may vary depending on the type and purpose of the campaign, so that you could see what is relevant for that particular campaign. Now it's as easy as 1-2-3 and convenient to monitor key metrics of a single advertising campaign!

More commercial benefits for LED screen owners

We added more flexibility for LED screen owners using programmatic advertising: the minimal size of the Ads zone on the screen is now decreased to 100 x 100 pixels—it was 240px before. Now the owners of smaller screens can enjoy all the benefits of our Programmatic module and thus increase their revenues. It’s also possible to place more ads zones onto one screen and apply more flexible settings like positioning of the ad anywhere on the screen. LED screen owners have never had so many options to monetize their network with such a high rate of customization!

Too long a device name?

When creating a campaign, you are required to pick the right device to broadcast content, and sometimes this task can play a joke on you: if the names of the devices are too long, you may not see the whole name. So it was before this update! Now you can follow device naming protocols of your organization without getting into trouble, no matter how complicated the actual naming is. The column with the device name in this modal window will adjust automatically—even a very long name is now fully visible. And you will always pick the very right device!

Contact us and our manager will calculate the programmatic revenue stream for your network.

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