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Marketplace, Player for Linux and Views Detection iOS

February 9, 2023

Use Cases Marketplace

Displayforce Marketplace

We’re excited to announce a new section on our website called Use Cases Marketplace! It’s a collection of various use cases for different spheres that can be done with Digital Signage. These use cases bring various values: increased revenue, decreased costs, improved customer loyalty or formed brand awareness. 

Find your sphere and choose the best use case for your business!  

Displayforce Player for Linux

Another significant update is technical. Displayforce is now compatible with Linux! 

Now Displayforce player can run on low-cost hardware configurations. This is a way out for businesses or organizations with limited budgets for digital signage hardware. Linux support also allows greater flexibility in terms of device compatibility, as Linux-based systems are widely used in various industries.

Leave a request if you want to test Digital Signage on your Linux-based hardware. 

Views Detection for iOS

One more great release that will allow businesses to reduce costs and launch scenarios without investing much in Digital Signage is Views Detection on iOS. What does it mean?

It means that now you can use a regular iPad to collect video-analytics data and use this tablet as a screen to show tailored marketing content. Effective offline marketing is now a few minutes away from you!

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