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Device statistics, digital signage updates, and general product improvements

November 7, 2023

Device statistics

Now you can access audience data of a specific device! This means you can identify which areas in your store have the highest foot traffic or the most conversions (with the highest visitor-to-engaged lead conversion rate).

Additionally, you can pinpoint the most engaged lead group in each area (those who were near the sensor for more than 15 seconds).

Utilize this valuable data to boost sales in every zone of your store. Stock the products preferred by the lead type audience in those areas, place high-margin items where there's a concentration of engaged audience, and implement engaging scenarios to convert them all.

You can find this report in the Insights & Data section -> Device Statistics.

Oh, and now you can instantly detect if any device has stopped working (for example, if the sensor has turned off) and have full control over all devices located anywhere!

P.S. This feature is just a preview of something even bigger coming up in the next update.

See your device statistics

Digital signage updates

Local web-pages support

Want to display a stream from YouTube or your internal portal? No problem! We've added support for local web pages on Android and Displ Kits, allowing you to open web pages inside our templates and broadcast them.

Content duplication

This is a useful feature for those using Digital Signage. Now you can use the same content in one campaign, such as using the same video/image as a divider after every content block. You can also clone content and combine it as needed, which is convenient for larger campaigns with multiple steps.

General improvements

Faster and more precise Face Recognition (FR)

Our AI algorithm now processes FR faster and more accurately, especially in age detection. It's important to note that our AI algorithm is 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant and does not collect or store any personal data. FR is depersonalized.

Improved backend for Visitors Insights

We've enhanced the backend of our Visitors Insights, making the Insights & Data section more efficient, with raw data downloading at lightning speed.

IP cameras

We're continuing to work on the connectivity of DISPL with IP cameras, enabling you to build a distributed processing network. The possibility to use various IP cameras for Audience Analytics offers numerous opportunities and cost savings on implementation. We're currently in the Beta testing phase, so if you have projects involving security or other cameras, please let us know. Let's work together to make it happen!

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