Recent Updates

Content properties copying & different ad campaigns seamless switching

February 15, 2022

Now setting up time-bound content in the ad campaign gets easier and takes just a few clicks. Why need that? Let’s assume you want to launch several promos limited by time — for example, discounts for special goods of a specific category. And by no means these ads should be alive after some fixed date. We call this content property content lifetime, and it would not be a problem to set content lifetime manually for one or two campaigns, but what if you have dozens of campaigns? In this case, it would be very handy simply to copy the lifetime of one campaign and paste it to the rest. And you can do it now easily and fast - the feature saves you 3x time!

The new version of Displayforce CMS and Designer has improved the switching between different content types. Let’s say you need to combine commercial advertisement with your own content (both service information and your own promotions). Now your own content will start playing exactly where it left off, just like watching a movie on TV.

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