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Rive Gauche

Audience analytics, real-time targeting and multi-channel digital signage for beauty retailer.
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Project description

Rive Gauche is a beauty store chain with 230 stores in Eastern Europe. Their main goal was to increase traffic, customer engagement, and an average check. Moreover, they wanted to have the possibility to manage advertising content in all stores to make it unique and correspond with the company's brand. 


The main goal was to increase conversions due to more targeted and effective customer interaction and create a WOW effect. 

The company also wanted to create strong brand recognition and be more noticeable in malls. 

The last thing is ad management in all their stores: the main goal was to manage content in any store efficiently and keep it unique, matching the brand's style.

Work process

Outdoor decoration

Media facades and video walls with dynamic content were installed outside the stores to increase traffic from the mall.

Store space

Several video walls and information screens were installed in every store to cover the entire area. These digital screens broadcast content from brands.

Our software was also used to create a unified sound accompaniment for all stores. 

Audience analytics

We have integrated audience analytics into the screens, which allowed showing targeted content for various segments (for example, different perfumes for men and women).

AI-based video analytics also detected salespeople on the floor to help managers track their effectiveness.

Checkout zone

Our software was integrated into the POS terminals and with their loyalty program. Upsale mechanics was created: when customers purchase something, they also see related products they could get on the cashier deck. 


Rive Gauche transferred all 230 stores to a single digital platform for managing advertising content, which helped them save hundreds of hours on creating and managing content in different stores. 

Analytics collected with DISPL software allows Rive Gauche to create more personal communication with customers. The retailer also uses audience demographic data to improve targeted advertising online. This increased customer retention and allowed the client to build a more profitable customer journey.

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together

Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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