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Oil filling stations

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising across 86 Oman Oil filling stations
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Project description

Our partner, Mubashir, one of the leading Digital Outdoor Advertising Solutions Companies in the Middle East, successfully executed a remarkable project for advertisers - a dynamic media network across 86 Oman Oil filling stations. 


Many advertisers find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of offline marketing, including the number of views and the audience it attracts. To address this, Mubashir introduced an innovative solution by DISPL that utilizes AI audience analytics to assess effectiveness. This solution can also enhance the effectiveness of advertising messages by providing targeting capabilities.

Work process

  • Installation and setup: Ninety-three high-definition screens and billboards were installed across 86 petrol stations.
  • Integration of DISPL solution: The DISPL solution was integrated into the network, enabling real-time audience analytics and targeted content delivery.


  • Increased visibility: The network received an impressive 21,754,400 impressions annually, significantly increasing brand visibility for advertisers.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Advertisers could now target specific demographics and locations, increasing the relevance and impact of their campaigns. For instance, they can choose to display an ad only to women in a particular neighborhood.
  • Attraction of diverse advertisers: DISPL software offers a variety of payment models to attract different advertisers. In addition to the standard CPM and AdShows models, there is a CPV model that allows advertisers to pay for each view of a selected target audience. This model attracts advertisers who want to use their budget efficiently.
  • Detailed reports: Detailed reports provided advertisers with insights into audience demographics, engagement metrics, and overall campaign effectiveness, ensuring transparency and measurable results.

Impact of the project

The success of this project underscored Mubashir's position as a leader in innovative digital outdoor advertising in the Middle East. The advanced targeting and reporting capabilities offered by the DISPL solution empowered advertisers to create more effective and relevant campaigns. This project enhanced brand visibility and engagement for advertisers. It demonstrated the potential of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to deliver targeted, impactful, and measurable results.

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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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