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IQOS (Philip Morris International)

Digital screens and video walls for IQOS flagship store.
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Project description

IQOS came to our partner with the idea to create their flagship digital “store of the future”. We have come up with a couple of innovative and technologically demanding solutions which ended up working great with DISPL software. 


  • Increasing customer engagement by creating interactive environment;
  • Increasing incoming traffic and customer loyalty;
  • Creating modern and technologic brand image;
  • Creating viral effect by spreading word-of-mouth about the store.

Work process

In a single IQOS flagship store in a shopping mall we have installed:

  • Non-standard video-wall in shape of a tree, containing 120 leaf-shaped screens;
  • 4 video-walls with 8K resolution;
  • Directional sound system that can create narrowly focused audio in specific areas of the store.
  • Content on the screens can be synchronized and controlled by salespeople for more immersive product demonstration.


Together with our client and partner we have created a “store of the future”, center of which is the Digital Tree. It completely changed the store’s appearance and allowed the sales process to be more personalized and immersive.

We redefine
communications at points of sales, together

Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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