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Kings Avenue Mall

Digital signage and audience analytics in a Cyprus mall.
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Project description

This project was made possible to our partner, Adboard Media, a media owner in Cyprus, sought to enhance their screen network in King Avenue Mall, Paphos.

Previously relying on separate solutions for digital signage and audience analytics, Adboard Media required an integrated, manageable system. DISPL was chosen to unify these services.


  • To unify audience measurement and ad placement sales for increased profitability.
  • To manage all screen content via a single web-based CMS.
  • To analyze content efficiency for optimized advertising.

Work process

  • Integration: DISPL integrated its solution into Adboard's network, including totems and larger screens. Totems had existing Intel processors and sensors, so they needed only software licenses; larger screens were enhanced with DISPL Kits Pro.
  • Analytics Implementation: Sensors were used for traffic analysis, demographic profiling, promotion efficiency evaluation, and data sharing with advertisers to elevate ad placement value.

Results (Q2-Q3 2023)

  • Optimized Screen Placement: Strategic placement of screens based on effectiveness was identified.
  • Increased Ad Prices: Enhanced audience data empowered Adboard Media to demand higher ad rates.
  • Efficient Content Management: Unified platform for content and audience data reduced operational times.
  • Audience Analysis Insights: Analysis revealed demographic dominance in specific zones, aiding in targeted screen selection for promotions.
  • Peak Traffic Insights: Time heatmaps identified key traffic times, informing premium ad placement periods and maintenance scheduling.
  • Format Effectiveness: Individual screen statistics were analyzed to determine which formats resonated best with different audience groups.
  • Revenue Growth: The project increased revenue through strategic ad placements and efficient management.

Reflections and future outlook

  • DISPL’s Impact: This project exemplifies the power of integrating digital signage with advanced audience analytics for a more effective and profitable advertising strategy.
  • Next Steps: Continuous refinement of content strategy and exploration of new locations for network expansion are potential future endeavors.

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Serge Gale
Chief executive officer
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