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Offline Marketing becomes Data-Driven by understanding audience insights
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One platform to understand impact and take action across your offline customer journey

General Manager of
Max Newman
Is it possible to measure offline sales conversion?
With Displayforce, I can measure conversion into visitor engagement and further into sales.
How can I check marketing message efficiency?
I can understand efficiency by checking the number of visitors with maximum engagement.
Any chance to see the best-performing touch point and insights?
Yes, I can check touch points with the longest engagement rate, number of visitors, most popular time, and so on. And adjust the marketing campaign accordingly.
How can I understand the campaign's efficiency?
With the Displayforce Engagement Index, I can benchmark my efficiency.
Check this out it’s Displayforce Engagement Index
CBDO of Aeno
Alex Pelman
How it could improve customer experience? 
I know in which areas customers spend more time and understand why they do so. For example, is there an area of the store that should be improved upon to promote a better flow of customer traffic?
What touch points are used for this?
Variety of touch points and marketing surfaces like in-store shelves, storefronts, paper POS displays, posters, digital screens.
So how can I use this info?
I can understand my customer's profiles and improve their in-store experience, determine when and where to allocate staff, test new products & designs, and leverage DooH ad space.
Marketing Manager of ASBIS
Elvira Lane
Customer profile? How I can check it?
Age and gender data helps you get a realistic portrait of your audience and adjust your campaign message accordingly.
How to customize a campaign for better targeting?
Using emotion tracking, make a mood map to find out how people's emotional state affects their decision to purchase.

Only verified views

AI considers the viewing duration of more than 1.5s and the head rotation by less than 30° relative to the surface

We respect privacy

The solution doesn't use personal data and doesn't capture videos or photos. AI complies with GDPR and CCPA

Excluding employees

AI automatically understands that an employee is in front of the surface with 80% accuracy

Insights & data

Visitors Insights

  • What are the number of visitors and their retention in dynamics?
  • What is the conversion into maximum engaged visitors? Comparison of values with the market benchmarks.
  • What is the portrait of my visitors?

Content Views conversion

  • How many confirmed views does my content have?
  • Which content attracts more attention?
  • Which content is more popular? Comparison of several companies.

Content Views portrait

  • What is the gender and age of the audience that viewed the content?
  • Comparison of the audience portrait of several campaigns or media files.
  • How does the portrait of the audience that viewed the content change?

Content Views dwell-time

  • Which portrait of the audience watches content the longest time?
  • Have we reached the target audience portrait with our campaign?

Forms & Interaction data

  • All audience responses during interaction with data entry forms in templates created for touch screens.
  • Data of custom conversions configured in project templates.
  • Unloading data from the system.

History of Content Views

  • History of all views filtered by devices and campaigns.
  • Data: audience impression portrait, what was viewed, how long the view.
  • Unloading data from the system.