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Template library: best ways to showcase your goods in a store using digital screens

We almost have no doubts that you already use Digital Signage for your business or at least have decided so. After all, digital advertising displays are proven to be much more effective in comparison to static paper banners.
September 9, 2022

Digital advertising displays drive sales up to 30% and boost brand awareness when installed at POS. Even generic and impersonal communication through digital billboards imprints in memory perfectly: about 83% of viewers recall a specific ad. But having chosen the medium generates another reasonable question: what type of content should you broadcast on digital screens?

TOP-5 content ideas to implement for in-store marketing!

1. Showcase your bestsellers.

Old but gold. There are many reasons why you should consider showcasing bestsellers in the retail outlet. They act as social proof that a certain product has been chosen by most of the society, and people like to be a part of society. For most of us the fact, that the majority of buyers love these particular yogurts or prefer these cosmetics, ignites trust. Prepare dynamic creatives and play them in-store: seeing a bestseller on a screen at a POS can encourage a spontaneous purchase.

Do not forget to list one or two best features of your product so that your audience will know what is special about it and why it’s better than your competitor’s offer. Advice: avoid situations when advertised goods are run out, they disappoint your shoppers and do not improve sales. Instead, you can integrate with the database (for example the warehouse) and show only products that are in stock.

2. Interactivity is key. Add a pitch of interactivity in a retail outlet. 

Although the most significant source of information about the world for most people is sight among all other senses, it’s good to involve other senses when you can. Try to provide your customers with an immersive experience in a retail outlet. Either a WOW-effect by a creative installation, background music to tune the mood, or increased convenience by an interactive kiosk: each scenario will improve customer experience.

The better experience, the more loyal the clients are, more likely they will purchase from you.

According to PwC, most people prefer convenience over the atmosphere. That’s why we recommend applying interactive scenarios paired with practical use. A good example is interactive catalogs that will always be showing relevant information about your goods and updated pricing. With this approach, you can increase brand awareness and help your shoppers make a decision.

Would you like to play always relevant personalized content in your stores?

Let us make a demo of Displayforce platform for you.

3. Use Digital Screens to inspire your audience! 

Sometimes people restrain from buying because they doubt if the good suits them. More creative people need to feel the vibe of your products, they need to see if it matches their style of living or, for example, clothing. You can help them! Have you heard about digital lookbooks? Yes, normally they are used online but you can break the rules. Prepare a digital lookbook and broadcast it in the retail outlet, so you can give your audience an idea of what are these clothes about, what story they hold, and what else from your new collection will be a perfect match…  More upsell opportunities by inspiring your audience in-store. 

By the way, you can also broadcast tailored content based on age and gender, which will increase the level of personalization of marketing communication in a store.

4. Summer Sale 90%!  Use Digital Signage to highlight promotions. 

Yes, we all love sales. Love of bargains is in human nature, so you should definitely run some from time to time in your stores. Discounts offer many commercial benefits since they create a sense of urgency and discourage a shopper to buy elsewhere. The sense of urgency, a fear to miss out on a deal plus an ability of digital signage to provoke epicurean purchases in ⅓ of shoppers —  that’s a combo!

Apart from perks for business, customers themselves benefit from such marketing communications, since discounts create happiness. And even more enjoyable are personalized offerings. 

Lifehack: trigger a screen to show a personal discount upon a smile and connect your brand with a customer through happy emotions. 

5. Be Creative. Tailor marketing communications to your audience.

In online marketing, you have the freedom to set a target audience, make A/B tests and then select the best creative… Now you have such freedom offline too! Use various videos that resonate with your brand and match the current goals. You can create a special atmosphere, make your clients taste your product by just looking at it, or make something funny. If you already have a filmed video, you now can play it in a retail outlet and then measure the engagement of the audience together with their demographical parameters. 

Any of these scenarios are available in Displayforce Template Library. Using it and Template Editor, you can customize your content, integrate with databases and third-party data, create animations and any other mechanic you may think of.

Book a demo with our team today, and we will help you in setting up a perfect in-store marketing campaign.

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